Thursday, 23 September 2010


I seem to have run out of things to say. Which is a very bad sign and extremely unusual for me.
A number of days travelling and in meetings have meant no blogging. And then when I do get the chance to be sittting in my office, sun shining, cool breeze coming in from the window, I've got nothing.
I've cruised by a few other blogs to see what's up there and see if I get inspired. Nope... (not that other blogs aren't inspiring per se, just that they didn't seem to trigger me into having anything inspiring to write.
Even i'm bored with this post and am seriously considering going to get another coffee...

I'm back. With another coffee. And maybe some inspiration after all.

I have often wondered about the impact of my coffee consumption on my weight. I would decribe myself as a "heavy" coffee drinker. Not "excessive", not "compulsive", nor "occasional". Just heavy.
This can range from 3 to 6 cups a day..although the definition of a cup is clearly very variable...from an espresso in an Italian roadside coffee shop to a Starbucks Venti. My analytical research ends up with a largely inconclusive conclusion - if that's even possible.
Coffee is a stimulant. A stimulant to what? Well, among other things, a stimulant to the metabolism. I feel that I can train longer and harder if I drink a coffee right before exercise. A gym cardio session first thing in the morning without caffeine is a big struggle. Slide a double espresso in right before the session and it becomes a bit easier. Train at 6pm after a coffee-fuelled work day and the workout flies by.
As to calories, this is entirely dependent on exactly how the caffeine is ingested. "Best" has to be an espresso, nothing added. But I like sugar in my espresso...I normally drink filter coffee at work. Well I call it filter coffee as the closest equivalent - it's actually a liquid coffee concentrate watered down with hot water from a machine. Now I like my coffee white, so normally I buy a stock of regular milk from the supermarket. Just at the moment though, I have run out, and instead use the "concentrate" little jiggers (I hope that's not rude for anyone else...) and worry they are bad for me and packed with too much sugar/calories/fat etc. But at least they are not as bad as some choices. In the summer, I do tend to suffer from overheating and sweating quite a lot. Us fat mooses do. So I like the odd "refreshing iced caffeinated beverage" from any one of the coffee chains. This summer just gone, I purchased one of the aforementioned Frappucinnato thingies and, for the first time ever, actually observed closely what was going on. Large blender jug...add ice (good), add semi-skimmed milk (OK, I prefer full fat but I can go with the flow), add a double shot of espresso (excellent) we go for the blender, right? Wrong! Now we add in a very large scoop of "Frappucinato mix". This was before I hit "Giving it Everything" September so I held my tongue, but the question racing through my brain was "what is that mix stuff?" Of course, one of the reasons I didn't actually ask was because I knew the answer...and while some of it is some thickening/foaming agent stuff (better not to ask exactly what it is but I bet it starts with E), I know what the vast nmajority is. It's sugar. You don't get a sweet-tasting frozen caffeinated beverage that both refreshes and brings your customers back begging for more without some nice addictive substances, now do you?
There was a report out some years ago measuring the calorific content of the coffee chain staples. And it is quite horrific. I have to admit that my experience in the summer was the last time I had such a coffee. In my new house I have an ice machine in the freezer and can make my own "normal" iced coffees with just ice, coffee and milk.

The Moose's conclusion on coffee is probably rather dull. Everything in moderation. A moderate amount of coffee is probably neutral at worst and slightly beneficial at best, as long as it is not adulterated by the addition of sugar, syrups, cream (whipped or otherwise), caramel, or other agents (identifiable or unidentifiable).
Cheers. Now my second coffee is gone as well...shall I get another before I get on with work?
Make mine Pure and simple.

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