Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Rattling along...

Last week I set out the long list of the things I am doing in September to lose weight.

One of the things I am sure you will have noticed, and may concern you (indeed it concerned me a bit too) is the quite high number of supplements and pills that I am popping.

So, yes, I do rattle when I walk (and run, and row, and cross-train, and cycle, and swim, and lift weights)...

Here's my take on it.
  1. My list is for 4 weeks as a "give it everything" kick-start. It was not designed to be long-term. Over the next 4 weeks I will attempt to do everything, but at the end of September I will sit back and contemplate my progress, my list, my life, my navel (yes, as a Moose I do have a navel to contemplate, but it does hurt my legs when I stick my head and antlers between them to get a good look). There will be a new and improved list for October, probably reduced for some supplements, but who knows?

  2. 2 of the supplements are definitely for a 4 week blitz - the Acai and Colon Cleanse. If it works for Hollywood stars, why not for alces alces ?

  3. 2 others are to support actual or potential medical conditions that have provided countless excuses for years of reasons why I haven't lost weight. Supplements = no more excuses.

  4. 2 others are more general and can't do any harm, can they? Let me know if they can - but a bit of a vitamin boost supports my poor diet (while travelling) and reduced food intake. Besides, some studies say they are not effective anyway as nothing gets absorbed by the body...and if nothing gets absorbed, no harm. Right?

In total it's 8 or 9 pills per day; depending on how high my natural iodine level from food is for the day, I amend the Kelp tablets. But it is spread over the day. I have considered eating 9 meals a day so that I am only taking one supplement with each meal, which sounds less. But I think on balance that 9 meals per day, for a Moose that struggles to say no to the extra muffin, is a disaster waiting to happen.

My biggest battle is to stop eating when I'm not hungry any more. My "clear your plate" and "eat everything on the buffet" compulsion is strong in me and must be resisted! On 3 occasions over the weekend I went well past the full point but kept chowing down anyway... I also have to consciously remember to slow down when eating and sometimes find myself with an empty plate before I remember. Now, if they had pills for that!!!!

Much water drunk, most of it dribbled through ground coffee first with milk added (milk is relatively high in iodine - it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it as I hate black coffee).

Rattling along...

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