Saturday, 25 September 2010

Critical Moments

There are certain moments that stick in your mind, haunting you. I want to use these moments to help inspire me to keep going...

  • One day I arrived at the office and decided to walk up the stairs (inspired by my DirectLife gizmo). On getting to the 3rd floor, I met a colleague who asked if I had cycled into work. I was that out of breath...

  • Earlier this year I came downstairs at home, rushing to get the Mooselets out somewhere (Karate I think). I bent over to put my shoes on, and after tying the laces I was out of breath.

  • A company event in December last year...T-shirts were provided for the morning training sessions. My XL was way too small and it looked so bad I had to wear another shirt underneath to make it more opaque - and give a bit of a "corset" effect

  • Giving a speech in front of 300 people and making a joke about how I could do with losing 5 or 10 kgs. "More like 20!" came the heckle from the audience. And of course, the heckler was right.

  • Being forced/encouraged to do a comparative weigh in with my brothers moose by my aunt...and being the heaviest even though I convinced myself I looked thinner than they did.

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