Thursday, 16 September 2010

Personal Training

I ended the relationship with my second PT yesterday. He's done nothing wrong but it looks likely I won't be in Belgium for much longer, I was at the end of payment plan and so decided to stop it there and then. The review is not weight was stable for most of the time, but we have explored a lot of reasons for my lack of mobility, injuries, nutrition etc and I am finally on a downward trend. This is of course due to blogging and Giving it Everything rather than anything specific he did.

Last time I had a PT, I put on weight. I got into the habit of only training with him and not otherwise. Plus Christmas was in the middle of it all, for which he was clearly not to blame. I have a theory and concern that many PT clients fall into my habit. There is an element of believing that because you do fantastic workouts with a PT, you have got it covered. But once a week is never enough...and who's got the money to spare to do more than that? Also, I do believe there is an inherent danger of being so reliant on the PT, that when you hit the gym without him or her, you are left wondering what to do.

This is not to say that the functional training that PTs tend to specialise in isn't a good thing. But I'm still searching for the ideal way to get that AND train "normally' and often on top. I will go it alone for the next few months, and will then consider if I get a new PT once settled into my new location.

Talking of which, do I have to change the name of the blog? Nothing else I think it has to stay despite my time in Belgium coming to an end.

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