Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Going with the flow...

Sometimes you have one of those exercise moments that defy logic, and leave you wondering what just happened...and wishing for more of the same.

Last night I had that experience on the rowing machine. After 20 mins warm-up on the bike, I hit the rower, planning 20 minutes there as well. Recently I only seem to be able to manage 15 mins on the rower before my back starts hurting and I stop. Not yesterday. Yesterday, I got into the flow of it, and just kept going and going. 40 minutes and 8000 metres later, I stopped. I probably could have done more. I didn't feel like I had sweated all that much, yet had consistently rowed at my usual 30 strokes per minute on level 7 or 27 strokes per minute on level 10 the whole time. Urged on by appropriate tempo music on my i-pod all the way.

This morning I feel like I've done a workout yesterday, but not an excessive one. How I wish for more moments like that in the near future. When exercise is that easy and that rewarding, it's just so much easier to keep going to the gym and keep doing it...

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