Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Second game lost, 0-30 in the third

So I finally lost the second game. I was spared the complicated calculation by a level weigh-in with the previous week, so no loss and the cumulative loss not achieved.

I still managed to blow out over the weekend though. Not as badly as the week before, but our house guest's homemade flapjacks took a real beating.

Back on it this week. A relatively inactive Sunday made losing the first point inevitable, while a curious attack of hunger at 4pm, slated by a chicken tikka wrap from the vending machine, ended up with a second point loss. I don't like this game at the moment.

Have tried to up the training this week after the cold/man-flu/maybe it was real flu impacted week last week. A good cardio session on Monday and a hour long walk along the beach last night have left me at c. 1,800 calories burned each day. A fantastic calorie allowance therefore ensues...which I managed to blow yesterday - incredible!

Today is PT day. Might have to take it easy with my back playing up since PT last week...couple of strong painkillers and carry on!!

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