Monday, 4 July 2011

JWT Plan: Set 1, Game 1, Point 1

Time for some renewed efforts...

Having identified Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (JWT from here on) as my target physique, I have today started on the JWT plan.

Basically the plan is to stop eating each day when I have used up my calorie allowance. The calorie allowance is calculated to have a 6 week weight loss cycle, followed by a 6-week maintenance cycle. Each day I can eat by BMR calories, PLUS my activity calories from the day before, MINUS 1,800. Do that 5 days a week for the 6 weeks and that should be 1kg a week, 6kgs or a stone in a 6 week cycle. The remaining 2 days a week and then the maintenance period I can eat my BMR plus my activity calories.

So yesterday I had 1,168 activity cals +2291 (current BMR) - 1,800 = 1,659 cals allowed today.
A tough ask. But it's what I need to do.
At the time of writing I have 1,049 left for the rest of the day. The good thing it makes me think about every calorie and makes me spread them out...

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