Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lost a point, but still winning

30-15 in the first game. A day out of the office on Wednesday which came on top of a none too stellar calorie burn on Tuesday proved a few hundred calories too much for the plan, so I lost a point with some extra snacking in the evening.

Back on track today though, and determined to get to that game point tomorrow.

I am also so looking forward to the weekend, with the game won, and able to revert back to 1,800 more calories than I'm on at the moment. The sheer joy of being able to have just one alcoholic drink. The pleasure of some juice to spice up my water. Full fat milk in my coffee. I need to be careful not to go overboard!!!

Let's get this point won first of all. Shopping for protein shakes tonight, as I used up my final freebie store today and it is a great way of keeping full and effectively getting one low calorie but good for weight loss meal in a day. With my breakfast and dinner bang on nutrition wise, it's proving a good tactic. I guess it's the tennis equivalent of a banana between games. Hits the spot and doesn't do any damage.

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