Sunday, 10 July 2011

Game, Moose. First game.

Weekly weigh in shows a 1.5kgs loss in the first week. That's "game". First game, first set. But we're into the match now. Nerves settled, tactics feel like they are right for this match. A confident feeling about this one.
I'm a little unsettled by the over-delivery on the goals. Questions like: "Am I pushing it too hard?", Should I slow down a little?", and "What do I do about next week's goal - lose 1kg or aim for the 2kg cumulative?" spring into my brain.
The fact is I don't feel like I've deprived myself too much. I've eaten well 2 meals a day on most days (only Friday where I replaced 2 meals with protein shakes was maybe not so good...). The exercise has been good but not excessive.
So I'm just going to carry on for now. The first game is probably too early to review tactics anyway. Just be happy and thankful for a win to 15, and move onto the next points and the next game.
As to the goal, I guess it doesn't really matter too much. If I apply the tactics to every day/point, then my weight will be what it will be. If I win 5 points (I know the tennis analogy breaks down a little if I never lose a point!) then it's unlikely that I'm not going to lose 1kg. I can worry about the what if's of a less than 1kg loss in the week but a cumulative on target result if and when it happens. The important thing for now is the weight loss and keeping the tactics going, rather than the too intricate details of a slightly flawed analogy!

Sitting on the chair changing ends is a time to rest a little and relax. I sure did that last night. We got curry - I ate rice and naan bread and didn't flinch at all! I even had a beer. My life is so rock and roll. I didn't even count calories yesterday. I'm not sure that approach is truly sustainable, as over time I think a blow out day like that can lead to creeping gains again. But I needed it yesterday so I did it. Although today is also a "rest" or maintenance day, I'm going to be much more careful. I am cooking at a BBQ this lunchtime - perfect opportunity to get protein and salad and nothing more. Just requires some will power to say no to the bread and the cakes.

Mooselet #2 is singing at Ely cathedral this evening...very proud and also a brilliant opportunity to miss out on my evening meal and save calories. Reminds me I do need to get some protein shake powder for home storage to support such circumstances where a quick shake on getting home late tonight would be ideal. Also learned yesterday he's singing at the O2 in the autumn..."supporting JLS" - my words, they will be there too at the same event. Not bad for a small mooselet...

I feel like the umpire has just called time. There is still some rest time available before the next game but it's time to start getting prepared. I am also aware this is not my service game coming up - it should be tougher than last week. I don't think I need to be tougher on myself, I think that toughness comes naturally week by week.

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