Monday, 24 January 2011

Weigh In relief

So I arrived at the gym yesterday and confessed all to my PT regarding my bad few days. We trained hard. Well, as usual, I trained hard while he counted my reps... At the end of the session we headed for the dreaded digital scales.
"Oh, they are still broken" said my PT.
"What I shame" said I. "Well, at least that gives me a day or two to correct any rebound gain before I can weigh in."

So I am excused the bad news. Or at least I have a stay of execution. It inspired me, while shopping for my weekly stay-away provisions, to only buy good protein and veggies.

Eating was so much better yesterday, and no alcohol. Again, this shows the power of blogging. If I hadn't fessed up publicly to the fact that the alcohol has such an impact on my diet, I probably wouldn't have admitted it to myself.

Plan today for a cardio session at lunchtime, plus maybe a spin on my new bike this evening, weather and leg muscle ache permitting...

Workout track of the day: 'I just haven't met you yet' by Michael Buble (walking, rowing or slow cross training pace)

Here's hoping they just haven't fixed the scales more day's grace and I should be able to face them.

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