Thursday, 20 January 2011

Back for good

New year...well, newish.
I have purposefully stayed away from this post for a few weeks. The months before that were not deliberate but rather laziness and shame.
No results is a sure fire way to keep you from blogging, and no blogging is a sure fire way to keep you from good results.

So, where am I?
First, the bad news. Christmas and New Year saw the culmination of a poor few months. Weight was stable (ish) until December, but the first weigh-in of January saw me at 119.9kg. Not the highest ever, but pretty much back where I have been and not very far off a record high. Probably only a 3 Big Mac evening away...

January then. I don't do New Years Resolutions. They don't work for me.
But I have made some changes:
. I have changed my diet to focus on protein and non-starchy carbs.
. I have stepped up the exercise
. I am diarizing food intake and my Philips DirectLife activity burn (added to my BMR)

So far, it's working.
From the new start point (might as well as it's not so different from any number of old start points) I am down 2.9kg at 117.0kg.
And I am feeling good. And that's why I waited. I needed some success to kick start, otherwise there was just no point.

Usually, a 3 week losing stretch is about all I can manage before I plateau or start to gain again. So I know I am at a critical tipping point.
So I am back to blogging to give me that push over the edge to make sure there is no turning back.

I heard an interview with Gary Barlow of Take That fame the other day. He turns 40 this week. The main songwriter and singer of (arguably) the UK's foremost boy (?) band turns 40. I am older than him. He was always disparagingly known as the fat one at the back who wrote the songs. I'm not going to be the fat one at the back any more.

I've lost patience with myself. No more shame. I am going to relight my fire. The flood of good weigh-ins has started and will not be held back. I will shine.

Workout track of the day: "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay (138 bpm - fast cross trainering). Bet that shocked you - expecting a different band?

This boy is BACK FOR GOOD.

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