Saturday, 29 January 2011

Watching then doing

The weekend and I'm on a fantastic psycho-physiological kick today. What's that? I hear echoing through the ether.
Basically, it's watching sport on the TV.

They say watching TV is bad for you, but I think sometimes you have to give yourself a break! What's bad for you is eating while watching TV. Popcorn, chips, anything really. But the beauty of watching sport is that it makes you want to do some. So if you can avoid the munchies then you've got it made.

I started this mornin watching Kim Clijsters winning the Aussie Open tennis. The only thing to say about it is "where's the local tennis club, I want to join!" Well, there's also "Go on Andy!" but maybe that's better left for tomorrow morning...

Now its athletics and later on there's some football (soccer) on. I wonder if there is a cultural difference in watching sports between the US and the UK? Our sports tend to be more in a game of soccer, injuries notwithstanding, we have only a 15 minute break to make a cup of tea (or if you're at a match, grab a pie and a pint). Then it's back to more continuous action.
Compare that to a baseball or American football game where the actual time in play is quite a small proportion of the total time, and that total time is much longer. OK, don't bring cricket into this or it will just ruin my argument. So maybe it's the long total and all the down time during the game that leads to lots of eating temptation. Because the bad reputation of watching sports on TV and eating lots of cr@p is much stronger west of the Atlantic than it is on this side...

Personally, I'm inspired to go do something now. And definitely inspired to restart a reasonably promising tennis ability that I gave up many years ago.

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