Monday, 24 January 2011

Going, going, gone...

Why do I do it to myself?

On the back of such a good start, I've had 4 bad days in a row.
It all started on Thursday after I had convinced myself I wasn't eating enough. Well that just about opened the calorie floodgates, and now I've been over 3,000 calories per day for each and every one of the last 4 days. Weekends are notoriously difficult for me, but even without that, it is a minor disaster.

Thinking about this during the long drive this morning, I do believe it all traces back to Thursday night and the "Curious Incident of the Half Bottle of Wine prince in the Nightime". A few years ago now, ex-Chancellor Nigel Lawson lost loads of weight and wrote a book about it. I remember skimming it in a bookshop at the time, and reading his section on alcohol. He claimed that giving up alcohol was critical for his success - not so much for the empty calories he saved (although that didn't do any harm) - but rather for the will power it gave him. Alcohol dulled his ability to say no - to second helpings, to dessert, to more alcohol.

I believe I may have come to the point where I need to cut out alcohol completely. the combination of lack of exercise motivation and poor diet for so many days after even a small alcoholic binge is evidence enough.

And what makes it worse is that PT (and therefore weigh-in) are 2 days earlier than normal this week. And that means this afternoon. Panic! Nothing I can do, but man up and accept the bad news...

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