Thursday, 14 October 2010

A rant about milk

Big deal going down at work so limited time for blogging for the last few days.

What is it with diets and what we do to ourselves? We eat sh*t that's packaged up as good for us (low calorie, low fat, low salt, Diet this, Light that) but actually is just unnatural. At some point our bodies rebel against us for feeding them all the sh*t and make us ill, or fat, or both.

We have to get back towards more natural foods, just less of them than of the sh*t we ate to get where we are today.
Milk is my topic for today. I have always hated skimmed milk. Don't see the point. It's just coloured water and tasteless. You might as well drink your coffee black or put water on your cereal, as far as I'm concerned. Semi-skimmed I sort of understand, and I've had periods of time where I've made Mrs M buy both semi for me and full fat for the rest of the family.

But seriously... have you ever added up the fat and calories contained in a small milk serving that you put on cereal and let's say 4 or 5 cups of coffee a day. And compared it to what you get with semi or even worse skimmed?

Let me tell you, it's not worth the trouble. Personally I'd rather get it as close to nature intended. Let's face it, the fat in milk is not bad fat. It's also not excessive. Full fat milk is, let's remember, 96% fat free. How many other so-called diet products that people stuff down their faces have as little fat? And what do they have to do to it to make it lower fat?

At work, they only buy semi- and skimmed milk. It drives me mad!!!

Tomorrow, diet cola...aaarghhhh! Why oh why oh a taster, look up on Google what aspartame does to rats.

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