Friday, 8 October 2010


I woke up this morning to an incredible day. Sunshine, blue skies, a fantastic view across the harbour with hundreds of tiny white dots of yachts swaying with the tide.

I wanted to be out in it. Jogging on the beach, preferably. To feel the wind in my antlers and the sun on my face. To hear the clack clacking of the lines against the masts on those yachts. I still remember a jog on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon, while on holiday there. I can't go into all the details but that night and the run on the beach the next morning are fixed in the front of my mind and I go back there often to draw from the energy reserves the memories give me.

But I trained last night in the gym, strangely and unusually have a few blisters from that, and of course can't run at the moment due to calf problems. Bummer.

So instead I got my dose of drugs for the moose-flu, ate breakfast reading my book, and turned up at work early enough to get a long and stressful day in...once that's finished I have a 4 hour drive home to look forward to.

Maybe next week will provide further opportunity for such a dream to come true. Again.

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