Thursday, 7 October 2010

The benefits of fruit

Lacking a couple of servings of fruit when you get to the evening can be a challenge when you're travelling and living in a hotel.
Last night saw a decision to rectify this through the medium of cider. Apple based it has to be good for you, right? And I was washing down a salad with it...
Well, the combination of an impending cold (moose-flu is similar to man-flu!!!) and it being a while since I've drunk much alcohol, meant that 1 pint really knocked me sideways. Forgetting to re-set my clock to UK time, I was up, shaved and showered before I peeked out at the magnificent harbour view from my hotel bedroom window, to be struck by the thought:
"It's still very dark for 7.20am...oh sh*t!!!!"
Well the cider has not only robbed me of an hour's sleep, it has tipped the moose-flu over the edge requiring a pharmacy stop on the way to the office to collect drugs. On the positive side, it tasted great, I slept fantastically well (albeit only until 6am!) and I got a large chunk of my book read before and during breakfast.
Here's to making it through the day with more fruit flavoured beverages - the blackcurrant cold and moose-flu remedy! And maybe, just maybe, another pint of cider this evening...

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