Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New target

I've thought about having a realistic target to aim for before, and have struggled to determine what the appropriate weight goal is for me.

With Wimbledon on at the moment, it occurred to me that tennis players, while often on the more wiry side of normal to where I aspire (not because that's a bad thing, just because it doesn't feel attainable for me), provide some pretty good examples of the kind of physique I want.

Maria Sharapova was my first thought...but then she usually is when I think about tennis. She's the right height too. Nice physique, something plenty of men and not a few women admire...

But then I checked the Wimbledon site statistics on players and decided her weight just can't be my goal. She is a girl after all! And so completely unattainable in so many ways :-)

A small amount of research then brought Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to my attention. He is the heaviest guy in the draw (of those high enough ranked or seeded to count in my research...) that is exactly my height.

91kg is the new target.
Thanks Jo-Wilfried....for Wimbledon 2012 I will be there where you are.

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