Wednesday, 2 February 2011


This weight loss journey of ours would be so fantastically easy - if it wasn't for temptation.

Take yesterday evening as an example. Swimming was my planned triathlon training session. The local pool is 2 miles from where I'm living. The big decision for me was how to get to the pool.

I considered running: too much risk of injury in the cold weather.
I considered cycling: not too sure about leaving my brand new bike outside the pool - and it was damp and dark so too much risk of crashing.
I considered driving: too lazy.

So I walked. I strapped on my backpack and my i-pod and strutted my stuff at 120 bpm all the way there. 30 minutes walking there, 30 lengths (and this pool is 33.3m long, not my usual 25m) of mainly crawl, 30 minutes walking back.
While walking I felt fit and even, dare I say, a little lithe and toned.

And then there was the walking route took me past 3 Fish & Chip shops, 3 Chinese take-aways, 2 curry houses, 1 KFC, 2 Chicken & Pizza places, 1 Chinese restaurant with all-you-can-eat buffet, and 5 pubs. So on the whole there-and-back journey I had to walk past 6 Fish & Chip shops, 6 chinese take-aways...well, you get the picture.
Last night I resisted the temptation, and returned home hungry for my lean protein and salad dinner.
But what about next time? The thought is now with me that the walk is a great idea to add some calorie burn and movement and make me feel great but with the way littered with so many points of temptation to eat badly, I'm not so confident that I will be able to resist every time.
Or even next time.

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