Monday, 15 November 2010

Back again...does anyone care?

Amazing how the weeks can catch up on you. Sorry to all my millions of followers and readers that I wasn't around to post. Did anyone notice?

It has been a busy few weeks at work, with a lot of travelling, much stress...

But the training is keeping up reasonably well. Food not so good and the weight is basically stable to a little bit up.

I had a serious kick *ss Personal Training session today. I have managed to hurt my hip as a result but it was good anyway. And I have done some running and plenty of other exercise sessions, in both hemispheres and in numerous countries. Nobody could say I am not a well travelled moose...

I have no great insight on weight loss. Since I haven't blogged for 3 weeks, it's no surprise that there is no success to report and no insights to share. The PT measured the old fat content and was pleasantly surprised at my 28%...obviously I look like it should be more! I'm not entirely sure whether that's a good thing? I'm not actually as fat as people think I am when they look at me.

I guess it depends whether the reality or the perception is most important. When I was squeezed into a shirt too small for me last weekend at a company conference, the reality was I felt embarrassed and fat. The perception, so I was told, wasn't too bad. Today, on the treadmill doing 17kmh sprints with the whole machine shaking (or was it just the entire building?) with the impact, and looking into the mirror while doing it, my perception, the reality, and the eardrums of anyone within hearing distance all concurred...

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